• Ambulance

    24 hours service Accompanied by medical officers and staff nurses according to request from our customers Life saving equipments in ambulance cars

  • Computed Laboratory Services

    Sakura laboratory is an integral part of the hospital which is well-organized with most experienced pathologists and skillful lab technicians.It provides specimen collection and testing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for [...]

  • Emergency Care Services

    We’ve all experienced life’s unpredictability -- from unexpected minor injuries to automobile accidents or even managing an ongoing illness. SAKURA Emergency department offers a variety of Emergency Care services, from urgent care to trauma care. [...]

  • Imaging Services

    Imaging plays a vital role in giving excellent patient care. From detection and diagnosis to the treatment of illnesses and abnormalities, our advanced and varied imaging and radiology services help physicians establish and execute individualized [...]

  • Intensive Care Services

    Sakura Intensive Care Unit is specially designed to meet the needs of the critical and cardiac patients, and provides state of the art monitoring and care by highly trained critical care medical officers and nursing [...]

  • Operation Theatre

    Sakura’s operation theater is specialized facility of the hospital. Life-saving or life improving procedures are carried out on the human body by invasive methods under strict aseptic conditions in a controlled environment by our most-experienced [...]

  • Patient Services

    Single Hall Special Room A Special Room B Deluxe Room Isolated Single Room VIP Room A total of 150 beds are available in the hospital.

  • Pharmacy Services

    Our Pharmacy Department provides fast and well-stocked 24 hours service. Plus, we have variety of medical products with reasonable price and reliable quality. You'll appreciate how our expert pharmacists take the time for one-on-one instruction [...]

  • Specialist OPD Services

    Highly skilled and compassionate specialists on different specialities Booking needed for specialist consultation service Clean, Spacious and comfortable waiting place Our OPD rooms have privacy for physical examination for our customers Use disposable sterile utensil