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ozon cok asked 2 years ago

natural healthy tips are things that must be considered in our lives, and health must also be number 1 in our lives, and if we are not healthy then we will feel it, then from that health is very important for our lives, what are the things so that our lives can be healthy naturally? ? the way is very simple ko the first thing to do is.
We must exercise diligently so that our bodies stay healthy, and the best exercise time is from 7 am to 10 noon, and this method must be done routinely and regularly, and what are the benefits of diligently exercising ?? one of the benefits is the fat content in our body will slowly reduce and the body will feel healthier and fitter.
Next is diligent eating high-energy foods such as eggs, chicken, meat and others and must regularly and also be diligent in eating vegetables to be balanced, not only that you also must be diligent in drinking water to be more powerful in doing something, the purpose of drinking water is to replace fluids that come out in our bodies such as sweat and urine, so by drinking 2 liters of water per day our body will always pit.
And the most important thing in life is that we have to be able to guard our thoughts, the point is not to think too much, so if there is something or a problem don’t be too focused on thinking until we forget about other obligations, well if we are too serious in thinking about something without regularly will certainly have a bad impact on us and its effects will have severe consequences such as mental disorders or depression. and you also have to get enough rest because if we don’t get enough rest it will also have a bad effect on us, well maybe this is all I can say about tips sehat