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Soccer is a team game played by each team consisting of eleven players including a goalkeeper. Soccer is a very popular game, because soccer is often played by children, adults and parents alike, At present the development of the game of football is very rapid, this is marked by the number of soccer schools (SSB) that were established. The purpose of the game of football sagahtv is each team or team that is trying to control the ball, inserting the ball into the opponent’s goal as much as possible, and trying to break the opponent’s attack to protect or keep the goal in order not to conquer the ball
The game of football is a team game that requires the basic cooperation between fellow team members, as one of the hallmarks of soccer. To be able to play football properly and correctly the players master the basic techniques of football. To play soccer well, players are equipped with good basic techniques, players who have good basic techniques, these players tend to be able to play football well too.
There are several kinds of basic techniques in playing soccer, such as stop ball, stopping (kicking the ball into the goal), passing (passing), heading (heading the ball), and dribbling (dribbling).
Specifically in the dribbling technique (dribbling) players must master the technique well, because the dribbling technique is very influential on the game of football players. The dribbling technique is divided into three types:
1. Dribbling technique with an inner turtle.
2. Dribbling technique with a full turtle (instep).
3. Dribbling technique with the outer turtle.
Besides that, speed in dribbling (dribbling) is needed to nontonbal support the mastery of the technique. Speed ​​is the ability to do similar movements in a sequence in the shortest possible time or the ability to travel a distance in the shortest possible time.